Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My baby is 1!

How can my baby be a year old already? Everyone says it, because it's true: it flies. That little tiny bundle who'd disappear into the sling or drape across a shoulder and sleep most of the day has grown so fast and learned so much in the past 12 months, it's mind-boggling.

At one, Lucy:

-Smiles and laughs and finds great joy in every day.

-Loves passionately. She has favorite people who make her glow when they come into a room.

-Talks and talks and talks. Words: mama, baby, up, uh-oh, oh wow!, yeah, oh, dah do (gentle), hhh! (hot), mmmm, ball, mendow (window). Signs: finished, socks, telephone, hat, potty, bird. And a constant stream of beautiful babble.

-Understands so much of what we say to her. When she put a rock in her mouth and I asked "is it delicious?" she answered "mmmm!" When I say I'm going to go feed the chickens, she points to the window that faces the coop.

-Walks, some on her own, much more holding on to furniture or, preferably, the hand of a favorite person. Crawls when speed is the goal.

-Draws and paints enthusiastically.

-Loves to be read to, finds her favorite books and asks for them again and again, and looks at books on her own.

-Loves to be outside. When it's time to go out, she gets her boots and gives them to me to put on.

Oh, and so much more. It's overwhelming to me to try to sum up my brilliant, joyful, beautiful baby.

It pales in comparison to her, but I did make her a few things for her birthday. The crown, above (thanks to here and here for inspiration), and a bunting (from here, of course), below.

We put a candle in her bread at dinner time. Yes, we're goofy like that.


Julie said...

What an amazing little girl Lucy is becoming! So many "firsts" it is quite mind boggling. Can't wait to see her grow...We love you Lucy
P.S. The crown and bunting are fab:)

Luisa said...

So sweet! What a wonderful birthday.

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Lucy; such a smart and happy little princess she is!

Annie said...

Happy birthday!!

Lily Boot said...

what a dear little girl! And the crown is really lovely. Happy days!

The Mom said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! You are such a lucky girl to have such a wonderful family!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

SO adorable...Happy 1st Birthday little Queeny!
Have wonderful years ahead!

Lise said...

Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes! Lucy would say "oh, wow!"

Meryl said...

Happy Birthday to the cutie pie! (And what stylish decorations she has!)

larissa said...

Happy Birthday to Lucy and all those amazing firsts and congratulations to you on being such a wonderful hands on mama - i love all the sensory photos of her squishing and tasting and making a mess.

Andrea said...

My sweet little (BIG!) baby. That child is joy incarnate. How did we get so lucky?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Lucy!