Tuesday, February 9, 2010

30 days of beauty: day 2

This morning, I went into our library for a few minutes to put Lucy down for a nap. While I was out of the room, one of the older children called in a stage whisper "Lise! Do you want to see my snowflake?" I answered that I'd be back in a few minutes. When I returned, this is what greeted me:

The kids had set up the chairs right on the other side of the gate that separated us. I loved it: the display, the beautiful snowflakes, the contrast of red on white, the silent invitation to notice. A perfect spot of beauty on a February day.

The kids have been exploring the art and mathematics of snowflake cutting for several weeks now. With 17 years of early childhood teaching under my belt, cutting snowflakes is nothing new. But it's amazing how there's always something unique in each group of children, and how with close observation, more is revealed each time a subject is explored. I've been really struck this time around by how much mathematical thinking is involved in their work. I think I have a post or two in me about it, if anyone would be interested...

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