Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lucy's handknits

I promised photos of some of Lucy's hand knit birthday gifts. The lighting was pretty poor and my day was hectic, so I did the best I could!

Here's Lucy modeling the hat and sweater from Melissa. The light's not much better than last night, but this is closer to the true color (which is fabulous with her eyes).

I didn't quite get a shot of it, but Melissa thought to include panels at the back that made it wider at the bottom (for her cloth-diapered bum).

(edited to add: Melissa got good pics of it. You can see more detail here if you're on Ravelry.)

This past weekend, we had a visit from Lucy's paternal grandparents. Grandma has made Lucy many wonderful sweaters and blankets and hats. This time, she brought her this dress:

(What a lot of work went into all that edging!)

And this whole outfit:

By request, she's been making Lucy some longies. She made this whole wool outfit to match this pair. How cozy and beautiful is that? (Wish it were my size...)

They're a bit big yet, but I'm sure they'll fit next winter. And that jumper should work as a vest for even longer.

I feel so blessed to have all these crafty women in my life. I love dressing Lucy in clothes someone's made just for her, and talking with her about where they came from. And I love that she wears clothing no one else has; it seems fitting that her unique self should have a unique look!


Diane said...

WOW,lucky Lucy with all these great gifts. She looks beautiful!

Luisa said...

Those are just beautiful! There is nothing like receiving hanmade knits to make you warm and fuzzy on the inside too. Or pick up a crochet hook :)

The Mom said...

You are so lucky to have such talented people around you. Lucy's eyes are gorgeous in that sweater and hat.

{Amy} said...

Lucy's wardrobe makes me seriously want a baby! : ) and even makes me miss cloth diapering. Great photos and yes, you are super lucky for all of the crafty, talented people around you!

Amy said...

That first picture is priceless! She is beautiful! The eyes! She just turned one I take it? Our girls are just 4 months apart then.

melissa said...

she is so fun to knit for. plus, she just looks great in every color. must quit job and knit more for lucy.

p.s. i am borrowing some of these pictures for ravelry project documentation. is that ok?

Julie said...

What beautiful things! And of course they look just stunning on Lucy. Those eyes...OMG:)

nettlejuice said...

I love to see my boys in handmade clothes. Clothes made with love just for them brings just another layer of quality into our lives.

The Stone Age Techie said...

You've got the best-dressed 1-year-old I've ever seen -
Lucky Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Lucy is such a lucky girl, surrounded by so much love.