Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fingerpainting: 11-month style


Heather said...

How beautiful is that little munchkin? I loved fingerpainting as a child, and remember it well. It is so fun to watch what those little adorable hands can make

Julie said...

Love the blue lips:)

Diane said...

LOL...How great that she gets to experiment with so many new things. I recall seeing her outside in the mud in earlier photos. That is so great!

Lise said...


Heather, I loved fingerpainting, too, and was surprised when I realized she hadn't done it yet!

Julie, do you see the handprint on her face? I loved that! She wasn't eating it, just patting her mouth.

Diane, not in the photo are some of the other kids all around the table-- 1 1/2, 3, and 4. Whatever they're doing, we find a way for her to participate. I do love for babies to be able to really experience the world with their whole bodies! Thanks for noticing.

Stephanie said...

Sweet, sweet baby!
I missed out on much of that - mine never liked stuff on their hands. :)
So we use brushes and markers and crayons everywhere, instead!!