Monday, February 8, 2010

30 days of beauty: day 1

It's an ugly February around here. There's been hardly any snow this winter, but it's bitterly cold, so the yard is covered with a thin layer of icy snow/mud, speckled with chicken droppings, and scattered with objects frozen to the ground where they were dropped. The house is cluttered and messy. I'm having a rough time with some work issues. I need to refocus.

Just in time, Bluebirdbaby offered a "30 Days of Beauty Challenge."

30 Days of Beauty

A reminder to look for the beauty--those fleeting moments that we sometimes miss in the depths of winter. To slow down and notice it. And to photograph it, which is something I would like to learn to do better. (Still using a temperamental, rubber-banded broken camera, but still...)

So here's my first photo. Today, I was struck most by the light, which was intense and cheering. Coming inside after play in the yard, I noticed the shadow cast by this left-behind basket of toys.

What beauty have you found in your February days?


Meryl said...

I love those shafts of sunlight in the winter.

The Stone Age Techie said...

What a lovely post.
It's a good idea to try and find some beauty in life every day, kind of makes you focus a bit more on the positive!
I hope you find lots -

Luisa said...

I'm looking at my walls and sunshine for a pick me up. The hat is awesome by the way! Lucy is so cute in it.

Adrie said...

What a cool idea! Love it, and love the shadow in this photo.

Stephanie said...

My word for 2010 is beauty... and I keep meaning to start a 30 days on my Mama's blog, and still haven't! :)
Too busy playing with the babies!

Lise said...

Stephanie, the beauty of your days shines through on your blog every day! It's why I read it.

Karen said...

Holding my little one's hands is beauty in my every day... thank you for this exercise. I love it.