Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1st knitting lesson

Our friend Melissa came over tonight, and brought a gift for Lucy's birthday--the sweater Lucy's wearing here (better photos in the light tomorrow), and the hat they're working on:

Lucy thought Melissa's fancy new knitting needles made a lovely necklace, and kept looping them around her neck.

Melissa gave her her own ball of yarn to work with, and Lucy soon transformed it into this:

(Lucy got many lovely handknits this birthday; I'll try to remember to photograph them all tomorrow. She's so lucky to have so many generous crafty people in her life!)


Diane said...

This is too cute. It looks like Melissa's hat matches Lucy's sweater...LOL

Hope u r feeling better.

The Mom said...

What a pretty sweater!

Luisa said...

That sweater just so cute on here. It's never too early to knit or as Sophia would say "yarning"

Julie said...

Love what Lucy created with her yarn!

Heather said...

What beauty you have created. Everything looks so perfect

Lise said...

Diane--wasn't that nice of Melissa to coordinate outfits for my blog? ;-)

Heather--I know; isn't it gorgeous? I want one for me!

Luisa--"yarning" is a perfect word for what Lucy's doing!

Julie--that's your Christmas present she's working on; she's going to be way more organized than I. :-)

Heather--you made my day! I always hesitate to share photos that show any of my house, because it's such a mess!