Sunday, February 7, 2010

First hat!

I did it!

I have a standing date on Saturday nights; an hours-long phone conversation with a friend. Last night's "quick little chat" gave me plenty of time to finish Lucy's hat.

The simple hat I'd learned in class begged for embellishment, I thought. I found a great tutorial at Little Birdie Secrets and was able to make a flower on my first try, though I hadn't yet learned a double crochet stitch (the tutorial has a video, so it's great for visual learners.) To top it off, I had the perfect vintage button.

Unfortunately, the hat would have fit her great a few months ago, but right now, it just barely fits. I used up absolutely all my yarn (and the red? that's the original scarf bit, re-incarnated). That's what you get when you use the left-over yarn you find around the house. Might be time to suck it up and actually buy a skein or two.


Diane said...

This hat is so adorable, and so is your little princess. (Love the color too)

The Mom said...

That is so cute! I hate when I work so hard on something that comes out perfectly, but too small for who it was intended. She looks beautiful in it now though.

Heather said...

Oh that is so so sweet. I love the colors that you chose, and what a gorgeous little one to wearing that treasure

The Stone Age Techie said...

Hopefully she'll be able to squeeze into it for the next few months :-)

Diane said...

Lise...I am Melissa L's mom. She is always showing me pictures of that little cutie. The Header is Narragansett Beach in RI.

I am so amazed by all you manage to accomplish with a little one and business :0

Julie said...

Lise you did it! You made a totally adorable hat! Lucy looks too cute for words:) Now that's a cute baby:)