Thursday, December 1, 2011

1st activity of Advent: Christmas cards

We drew the first card from our Advent calendar this morning.

(Let's just get the season's photo apologies out of the way, shall we? They're terrible. It's dark. Some day I'll improve. Meanwhile, I'm sorry for the rotten photos.)

Lucy's art, a 2-inch hole punch, a pen, a glue stick, and a couple of rubber stamps made some pretty cute cards. I stayed up way too late one night last week assembling them all. Now we've just got to manage to write them and send them. I hoped if we started right away on December 1st, they might make it out before Christmas.

Lucy and I wrote a few while we ate lunch today, and then we did a few more after dinner. It's such fun to have her help this year: "write 'us love them'," "write 'I love you'." "You tell me, Mama. What do you think us should write?" With her help, I actually think they might go out on time this year!


Luisa said...

No need to apologize for the photos these cards are awesome! Love the way you cut out Lucy's artwork for the cards I'm sure they will be treasured by those who receive them. So thoughtful.

Julie said...

Your creativity is endless:)