Thursday, December 15, 2011

14th activity of Advent: wrapping gifts

Well, let's get a start, anyway.

Here are a few wrapped, but not yet done up with bows and tags (that part comes after bedtime, when I can concentrate). The poor lighting doesn't show it well, but these packages are spectacular. For wrapping paper this year, we're using our vast collection of Lucy's paintings and drawings from the past year (with her permission). I don't think we've ever had such beautiful gift wrap!

For a while, Lucy helped to choose each piece of wrap and to apply the tape to the gifts. Then she moved on to creating "a road" with tape and the discarded pieces of paper I'd cut off.

Everything is more fun this Christmas season, with this cheerful, chatty helper by my side.


Marfa said...

I love that you let your daughter create works of art on canvas for Christmas gifts! Homemade gifts are the best. And I admire your will as an adult not to tell her what to do, or paint something "pretty" when what she is doing is so creative and beautiful!

Marfa said...

Oh...I reread it...that is wrapping paper! Still...beautiful.
(I like how you asked her permission to use her paintings as wrapping paper! VERY respectful)

Julie said...

Looks like you have a wonderful helper. Would she like to come to Boston and help me? :)

Lise said...

If she came to Boston to help you, I might actually be able to make the gift for you I'd hoped to get to today! (Can I beat the post office tomorrow?)