Friday, December 2, 2011

2nd activity of Advent: decorate

Day 2 of the Advent calendar. Time to decorate!

The leftovers from our wreath-making: a pile of possibility.

A hold-up...I wanted to decorate the dining-room windows, but I just couldn't bear to look past ornaments and greenery to this mess for one more season:

We painted these windows oh, about 10 years ago. And we STILL haven't managed to scrape off that paint! At some point, we just stopped seeing it, and life crowded out that project. But when Christmas comes around, I notice it, and cringe. So, today was the day. An hour of scraping before nap, and then another hour after bedtime (it gets good and baked on after all those years!), and the window was finally ready to decorate. (Hard to see, but those are the Christmas-card ornaments I made last year.)

With window-scraping and 3-year-old-help and lots of cleaning required before decorating could begin, we didn't do all I'd like to do. But we got a good start.


Anonymous said...

i really like your advent idea. i love advent calendars, the excitement of a new little something every day, but didn't want to do candy, or cheap plastic junk toys, and couldn't think of anything else. simultaneously i had been making the list of special christmas stuff i wanted to do this year. perfect!
i also love those card decorations! really cool.
btw, here in new orleans, no one EVER scrapes the paint off of windows. we couldn't believe it when we moved. even really nice houses have a crappy looking paint job on the windows.

Meryl said...

So you're telling me I still have 7 years to get around to the paint left on my upstairs windows? What a relief! ;)