Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yarn along: beginnings

Haven't much to show for the yarn-along today, just beginnings. I finished The Girl Who Fell from the Sky (which I liked, but didn't love like the reviews made me expect I would), and I think Astrid and Veronika will be next (for the simple reasons that I love the cover and it starts in dark winter, which seems just right about now. Choosing books is an odd process, isn't it?) I've also finished my last (secret) crochet project, and next in my queue is this coffee cozy for my sock-monkey-loving sister. I don't have much time for either crochet or reading at the moment, but only one more work day and a couple days of cleaning and wrapping, and then I'm on vacation for a week! I'll be hanging out with family and--I hope--crocheting a lot as we chat.


SarahFay said...

Cute little sock monkey in the picture. Happy beginnings on Astrid and Veronika and may you enjoy your vacation.

Luisa said...

I get the feeling that book is on my wish list and if it isn't it will be now. Definitely enjoy lots of crochetting during your vacation:))

Cottage Tails said...

Thanks for heads up on book - Astrid & Veronika - have added it to me to read list.

Love Leanne NZ