Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The perfect gift

There are many stories to tell this Christmas, but for now, here's just this quick one--the story of a girl and her bike. I'd suspected that Lucy was just about ready for a balance bike (truly a brilliant invention!), and had my heart set on a Skuut, but for various reasons, we went with this sturdier style. I'd worried because I thought it was ugly, because it wasn't exactly the one I'd thought I wanted, because it wasn't a lovingly mama-made gift. But, oh, the joy! It turned out to be the perfect thing. She rode it Christmas morning, and again in the afternoon, and the next day, and today all the way to the post office. She's already starting to experiment with lifting her feet to glide, and you can see the glee on her face. "I'm always riding my new bike. Because I'm loving it."

What an incredible thrill to give a gift that brings such joy!


Luisa said...

She looks truly delighted! How fun :)

Deb said...

Oh such joy! The Sprout has had a balance bike since her second birthday. We were a little over eager and she wasn't ready yet. But lately she's been riding it around the house--walking it. The next sunny day we'll have to take it outside and see if she can learn to balance and glide.

Trish said...

Too cute! My Sprout got a tricycle and she is like your little - loving it!