Monday, December 12, 2011

11 activitiy of Advent: animals and lights

Lucy and I added the sheep to the creche. They were a bit lonely, so we added the shephards, too.

Soon they were rearranged. And again later. Now the big woolly sheep is on the roof of the stable. (That big woolly sheep was a later addition to our childhood creche, made by my cousin at church. It's lamb's wool, and irresistible to cats. It will never look perfect again!)

This creche is the one I grew up with. I find it hard to let it be played with (though it's wood, and mostly sturdy), because we didn't play with it as children; it was for looking. But even though I worry for the fragile bits, I love seeing how Lucy plays with it, and have to let her. (But I happen to know another creche is on its way for Christmas, just for Lucy.)

The tree is up. There were lots of spare greens from the bottom of it, so I've begun using some of them for decoration elsewhere (shown above is my kitchen, looking into our main living space).

Lights...not so much. These are all the strands we have left. Sigh. LEDs, here we reluctantly come. Maybe by tomorrow it will be fully lit.

(edited to add: Oh, thank goodness, there are still normal lights in the world! It's now lit top to bottom.)


Julie said...

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

Deb said...

Although I have had little time to blog lately, I find it oddly comforting that your tree and mine look pretty much alike and that your Lucy and my Silvie both have nativities to play with and that your Christmas giving to Heifer and the water project match some of my own giving.
Perhaps, as Anne of Green Gables once said, we are kindred spirits.

Marfa said...

oh, your tree is beautiful!