Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crochet on display

Remember my crochet class? It's over now (pooh!). And lo and behold, I actually made something! Several things, in fact. (I've got a new one in the works to show you soon.)

Last night was the annual exhibition at the Hill Institute, where I took my class. It was super hot and sticky, as well as crowded, so we didn't spend as much time looking at everything as I would have liked.

(Eric came with us, and Lucy insisted on holding both his hand and mine. See how hot she was?)
But wow. It was really impressive, all that talent gathered into one place.

One of our favorite exhibits was the handmade canoes. Gorgeous. Someday, Andi and I would love to take that class!

Lucy thought they were pretty cool, too.

The botanical drawings and paintings were another favorite of mine. Observational drawing is something I ask children to do all the time, but it's not something I feel confident doing myself. These were amazing!

Beautiful baskets of all kinds. (Why did "basket-weaving" become a joke of a class somewhere along the line? I'd love to try it.)

Many quilts of all sorts.

Two of my favorites.

The pushed-aside materials in the classrooms were just as beautiful as the displays.

Someday, I'd like to try a hand at one of these looms.

And oh, how I'd love to try hooked rugs (but they wouldn't last a second in this cats-rule house.)

Finally, we came to the crochet display. Sadly, it was the one area that hadn't been arranged beautifully to show off everyone's work. And I have to say, it was clear that mine was the work of an amateur. But still, I was proud to see my things on display. (That's my hat, sweater, and soaker on the left side of the table.)

There were many more exhibits I didn't capture well: furniture making, weaving, painting, knitting (oh, the knitting was incredible!), sewing... I can't wait to take my next class there! What should it be? (Unfortunately, I have to wait until next year. It's Andi's turn to take one next.) Meanwhile, I'm still hooking away whenever I get the chance...


Annie said...

So many beautiful things! I'll have to come back to show my husband who longs to find the time to make his own boat.

Luisa said...

Wow that looks like fun! So many beutiful things to look at. It's a shame about the crochet table amateur or not they are still treasures.