Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chickens in the garden; shoo, chickens, shoo!

I just went out to shoo the chickens out of our new "garden" (containers on the driveway). I brought my camera along, because I keep forgetting to photograph this garden. The chickens had destroyed the box of chamomile, but everything else survived.

Miscellaneous pots and containers. See the pile of abandoned leaves we never managed to remove this spring? That's what invited the chicken-scratching trouble.

Full of vines that are going to need support soon.

The box that started it all. It's this great old trough-type thing I got at a barn sale once, and have tried to plant before near the house, with little success. Newly-drilled drainage holes and a new spot on this driveway, and it's now full of happy-looking bean plants. Once it was in the driveway, all lonely and small-looking, it needed some company.

I'm happy with my new labels. So far, everything I've tried has become illegible over the summer. But this time I used my new-favorite paint pens (thanks, Carol!) on some beach rocks, and so far, so good!

Returning to the chicken coop, I found no eggs for the day. Uh, oh. What other trouble have you ladies been up to today?

Found them in the herb garden, in the trampled echinacea. Oh, well. I love them all the same.


Meryl said...

Oh--chickens and gardens! If they could just nibble it would be great, but the little buggers are PIGS! :)

Lovely World said...

Hi there. Thanks for commenting about my little fox. I love all the gardening goodies you have on display here! x Maribeth

Gremlina said...

chickens...ours no longer 'free' range our yard for their destructive tendencies. stinkers!

Imene said...

At least your chickens leave eggs behind. My pest are chipmunks and deers and they leave nothing ;o)

Heather said...

I just love that you have done so much here with containers. This is very inspiring to me for next years garden :)

marcia @Child in Harmony said...

your garden is coming along great! Love the plant labels- cool idea!

Chickens and garden...sigh. Ours keep jumping/flying over the low fence across the back of the garden ..guess I need a higher one. They do seem more interested in the sunflower seeds that have dropped from a bird feeder inside the garden but not always!

happy day!