Sunday, June 6, 2010

On Mount Desert Island, the book

Here's a project I'd hoped to finish on vacation.

A big board book for Lucy, about our annual vacation.

I'd packed the blank book, glue, and double-sided tape,

bought new markers...

gathered souvenirs throughout the week...

and found a place where I could send my photos for next-day pick-up.

Their machine was down (after an hour and a half choosing and uploading and registering...).

So it didn't happen on vacation.
But I was able to get to it last night, and Lucy loves it all the same.

I get my blank board books here (I have no connection to this company, just love some of their products).

I am not a scrapbooker (as I'm sure you can see). What I am is a teller of the stories of children's lives. Lucy loves to hear her days told back to her. I designed this book around the stories I thought would stand out most to her about our trip (tossing a seagull feather into flowing water and watching mama run to bring it back, collecting treasures, watching seagulls smash mussels on the rocks, staying in a cottage...). I envision reading it again and again now, to revisit the stories, and then reading it again and again next year, in preparation for that year's trip. My best review would be her demand for "more!"


ashley said...

wow. this is such a wonderful idea!! i LOVE It. i'm definitely going to make one for my daughter for any annual events we do. Thanks for the idea!

Julie said...

Lucy will always treasure this special book:)

Helen said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.

What a fabulous idea to make the book while on holiday.

I love your blank board books. My girls and I have been working on people books, but so far we have a collection of pictures that they have drawn. The bare books are perfect - yea!