Thursday, June 24, 2010

A peek into a morning in the purple house

I've been quieter than usual here in this space, but life has been anything but. With little time to post today, I thought I'd share just a quick peek into our day...

The day began slowly, with just a few children checking out the changes to our resident tadpole (all four legs now, and a shorter tail) and getting our first glimpse at all the river creatures we caught yesterday (the silt has finally settled and the water cleared enough for viewing). We started out with a handy identification guide, pencils, and paper:

As the house filled with more children, the table and couch filled with more evidence of our work. Out came a favorite book about frogs. Talk of frog life cycles reminded us to pull out the frog-life-cycle puzzle:

Pages filled with sketches:

Some of those pages were turned into a book (this page says "A kapl day rlr my teche had kot a talpl," or, for those not accustomed to invented spelling: "A couple days earlier my teacher had caught a tadpole."):

And then it was time for snack (morning snack that is; our day had just barely begun).

The day continued in a whirlwind, as always, and now I've got to be off to tidy it all up and prepare for tomorrow...


Luisa said...

Yup it looks like a fun whirlwind. The kids are so lucky to have you as a teacher.

marcia @Child in Harmony said...

Ahhh wonderful! Do you have the children all day or half day?