Saturday, May 29, 2010

Treasure, revisited

What happens to all our treasure once it comes back from the beach?

Mama sorts it on the ledge of the cottage's front porch.

And re-sorts, and re-organizes, every night.

(It's kind of like therapy.)

Lucy un-sorts it all each day. And dumps. And pours. And throws, and drops, and scatters. And delivers some to us as gifts.

And re-sorts.

And examines.

And shares the joy with Mama all over again.


gardenmama said...

We enjoy this same type of fun, (including this mama too! : )

Phyllis said...

Oh, this is lovely. I love your porch sill. I love your sorting containers. I love your sorter, or is it unsorter. Beautiful post.

Annie said...

Oh, I love all your neat treasures!

Luisa said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I've been really behind in the blog world I have been enjoying the vacation pictures.
My favorite is the treasure sorting. Love that.

hanna said...

oh oh oh wonderful! I just bought this print yesterday for my boy
- thanks for the advice on my blog :) - did both of those last night, we weren't really feeling like a shower at 12.30 am but hey, you do anything!

Nancy said...

What a sweet, inspiring post--thanks for sharing.