Thursday, May 13, 2010

Family date night

Thursday is our "date night." It's been the evening we reserved for each other for many years now, but this last year, it's become "family date night," rather than a twosome. That's fine with us; just how we envisioned our family would grow. (We've been together nearly 20 years; we're ready to share our Thursdays.) This evening, we:

Took a short hike:

Took in the views:

Dallied along the way to collect treasures:

Stopped for a hug now and then:

...and to check out tracks both tiny:

and huge (bear):

Went out for some sushi:

complete with chopsticks:

And finished it off with a stroll in town:

Who could ask for a better date?


Luisa said...

Go Lucy check her out on a walk and going for sushi that's variety!
I have to admit I think I'd run from the bear tracks. I know I'm too citified. lol

5Gratefuls said...

It was a delicious 'date night.' I love how all the servers at the sushi bar stop to touch her cheeks and talk to her, every single time they pass by!

nocton4 said...

love this, such cute pictures and what a night xxx

Child in Harmony said...

she is so adorable! glad you all had fun :)

happy day!

muffinmoon said...

20 Years! How is this possible when you guys look barely 25?! Must be all that healthy sushi. Lucy is just so adorable and you capture that "I'm happy in my skin"-thing that young children have so well.

Stephanie said...

My honey and I have twenty years, too. :) (beginning of March, it was.)
We were an "old married couple" (though not married officially) long before we decided it was time for our babies.
It's easy to share our time. :)

renee @ FIMBY said...

OUr family date nights include sushi also. We don't do it very often though, with 3 kids who eat as much as us, it's pricey.