Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Treasure pocket

(Lucy and I looking for treasure at the pier in Bar Harbor, Maine.)

I finally made something crafty again...and I've been dying to show you! But we're on vacation with a lousy internet connection so it had to wait until today.

Lucy takes after me when it comes to picking up "treasures" on her journeys. Both of us stop frequently to pick up a special stone, an acorn, a feather, a stick... And just recently, Lucy discovered pockets. What a wonderful thing--a place to keep your treasures! But most of her clothes don't have any pockets. So I wanted to sew her a "pocket" she could wear at the beach (I knew we'd be doing lots of beach combing!)

Two days before we left--when I should have been packing or cleaning before our trip--I quickly sewed her a pocket. I used recycled linens for the bag (pinky-red ticking for the outside; orange and pink paisley for the lining) and a scrap of lace from an old pillowcase for the edging. The luckiest accident was the strap; I'd wanted something wide so the weight wouldn't dig into her shoulder, and when I sewed on this wide twill tape to this tiny bag, it made the bag stay open when hanging on her shoulder--perfect for a little hand to reach in easily.

Lucy loves it! Now if I ask her "do you want to look for treasures on the beach?" She says "Yeah. Poc" (pocket) and puts her hand down where her pocket should be.

(The best picture I got of the inside, as she's always on the go!)

(Looking for the perfect rock.)

(Tucking something into her pocket for safekeeping.)

(A collection of her treasures.)

I really can't imagine anything quite so wonderful as sharing this passion of mine with my equally passionate daughter. Now...what am I doing writing?? There's beachcombing to be done!


Phyllis said...

Oh, that pouch is so lovely and your daughter is so cute with it. What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Luisa said...

Having a great vacation I see! That's awesome looks like Lucy is enjoying picking her treasures in that cute pocket.

Diane said...

What a terrific week for Maine! (L) looks very intense on her treasure hunt.

Julie said...

Love to see Lucy treasuring hunting like her Mama:) Enjoy those moments together!

mama-pan | Mary Frances said...

lovely! the wide twill tape is an excellent idea; I'll have to remember that!

Child in Harmony said...

Ohhh i just LOVE the treasure pocket! How adorable and how adorable is that little bundle of yours!

enJOY your time away

happy day!

crazywonderfullife said...

I just love the picture of the two of you on the beach together! And the treasure pocket is a great idea. My munchkin still likes to put his treasures in his mouth!