Sunday, May 16, 2010


Our chicken coop had fallen into a very bad state. (Excuse that "roof." It was "temporary" two years ago. Oops. And the lack of paint? "Temporary," too.) The skunks were getting in, so it was definitely time of some repair! Guess who was determined to get in on the action?

It took her about 3 minutes to figure out how to use a screwdriver.

And a measuring tape.

Working with her as our apprentice made it so much more bearable a task.

I was so inspired by finally, finally getting to this chore that had been weighing on me for too long, that I dug out two beloved riding toys that had broken and fixed them so that Lucy could have her chance to enjoy them. I'd gotten this Radio Flyer years and years ago, because I knew someday I'd like to share it with my baby. But all the other kids came first, and it broke. Now, it's her time at last.

And this? I was so sad when someone broke off one handle. But now it's all mended and ready for more play.

Not super creative work, but oh, so satisfying to have these things finished!


Luisa said...

Go Lucy! What an awesome little helper. It does make it easier to have kids help why fight.

Diane said...

Can I borrow that cite, handy little assistant you have? Lots of projects here for her :) Love the photos; sounds like you had a rewarding w/end.

5orangepotatoes said...

Great job little Lucy! Very impressive work.