Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hiking with toddlers 101

Choose a beautiful place with intriguing terrain (thanks, Julie, for the recommendation!)

If you come to a bridge, be sure to trip-trap over it both ways, again and again, before moving on.

Go slowly. Very slowly. Have no expectations in mind other than having fun.

Take a rest whenever you need one. Maybe a nap on a rock step.

Stop to admire the view (remember that the toddler's view is smaller and lower than your own).

Be prepared to give a boost when needed.

(We hiked some portion of the Emery Path in Acadia this morning. It was perfect for Lucy right now--almost all stairs!)


Erin said...

Hi Lise,
I just wanted to say how inspirational I find these posts. The one in early April about your little sweetie's first 1/2 mile really made me think.
I thought "well hey, my kid has feet, he's built for stomping along, he can DO this."
Now we try and get at least a half mile everyday (more at weekends or on big walks). As non-driving city dwellers we have to search out the dirt and "wilderness" a bit, but it's SO worth the effort to see my kid striding along, armed with a stick and a grin.
So thanks for the initial impetus.

P. J. Grath said...

Didn't know what to expect but glad I peeked in today. Delightful!

crazywonderfullife said...

Looks like you had fun! Always glad to see kiddos outside enjoying nature:)