Saturday, January 16, 2010


It's a brilliant blue day, warm enough to go out in just a sweater. I've been really disappointed in the minimal snowfall so far this winter, but I can't complain about a break in the cold that's as lovely as this!

The ground has turned to mud and that meant the chicken coop was in desperate need of a clean-out. I had to chase the chickens out of the coop and into the sun (they're very timid about the snow).

They fluttered in a flurry of ineffective wings from muddy patch to muddy patch.

Slowly, they began to dare to step onto the snow.

They escaped cold toes by roosting in my neighbor's "rust garden."

But then Rosie dared to mince her way across the expanse of snow to the woods.

Where she goes, the others follow.

Now they're happily scratching and foraging in the sunny leaf mold under the trees. And I'm off to do more chores that will take me outside.


kristin said...

hi Lise! i love hearing about your chickens :) do you live in a rural area? i live in a city but there has recently been a city-wide ordinance change allowing residents to keep chickens in our backyards...i'm so tempted to jump right in, but am nervous about it. luckily we have a community ed class about Hoe to Raise chickens in the city. i hope what i learn there will make me brave enough to go forth with it.

i have a preschool, where i would love (LOVE) to keep chickens as well. we'll see how it goes. ;)

Lise said...

Hi, Kristin! You should definitely jump right in and get chickens; it is so much fun. We don't live in a rural area; we have a 1/3 of an acre in town. We've only had them a year and a half. I love them even more than I thought I was going to. And the kids love them, too. They've been the source of a lot of our curriculum, sparking interest in feathers, eggs, what makes a chick be in an egg, and especially in predators and prey. I'd be happy to answer any chicken questions I can. Go for it! You'll be so glad you did.

kristin said...

THANK YOU for all your encouragement!! i can just imagine how beneficial a learning tool the adventure would be. not to mention FRESH eggs!! we had such a cold snap here in January (almost two weeks of way below zero temps) and it crossed my mind that would make it a tad more difficult...i'll keep you posted :)