Monday, January 18, 2010

Cozy cashmere for the Craft Hope Etsy Shop

Lucy models outfit for Craft Hope Etsy shop

So, I decided what to make for the Craft Hope Etsy shop (have you been there yet? Such beautiful things! Going so, so quickly! I'm thrilled to hear they've made over $7,000 so far.)

I'm sorry the pictures are so bad; I finished it in broad daylight, but my model was napping! I wanted to get it to them right away, so I hope shoppers can see past the bad lighting.

Lucy models outfit for Craft Hope Etsy shop

Lucy likes it, anyway!

Lucy models outfit for Craft Hope Etsy shop

My donation was a "Cashmere Baby Dress and Longies Set"

This wonderfully soft and cozy outfit is made from a recycled, felted lavender cashmere sweater. Included are a pair of "longies" (wool diaper-cover pants), which will come lanolized and ready to wear. (If you don't use cloth diapers, they make lovely leggings, too.) There's also a comfy dress, warm enough for winter, but lightweight enough to carry right over into spring. Eyelet trim on the arms and pocket give it a cute girly look. This outfit is made for play--it moves with your child and doesn't get in the way of crawling or walking.

Want a cute, comfy outfit for your baby? Need some more diaper covers? $30, and all of it goes to Doctors Without Borders. It should be in the shop by tomorrow.

(I said I'd share my books with you, and I will...tomorrow. This seemed more pressing.)


Julie said...

So darn cute and going to such a great and much needed cause. You rock Lise:)

The Stone Age Techie said...

What a wonderful contribution to a wonderful cause!
I am off to check out the Craft Hope etsy shop...

marisa said...

stumbled on your blog somehow, just have to say -- your baby is the most adorable little girl i have ever seen!