Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A few last gifts

Ok, I finally gave our last Christmas gifts tonight (yeah, a bit late). So now I can feel free to show them.

More "discards" inspired by Denyse Schmidts's Quilts:

This set of them included a lot of vintage fabrics, and I found that I really liked the contrast of the modern style with those sweet vintage patterns.

One last 10-minute headband:

And, best of all, the pencil pouch that worked! (Bless you, Noodlehead.)

This last was a gift for a four-year-old. I used his own handwriting as the pattern for the embroidery, and included a pencil and a pen and a sketch book (of course, his mom is the one who really loves it, with that precious handwriting).

edited to add: I can't take credit for the pencil-pouch idea; that was from my brilliant friend Julie, who gave embroidered pencil pouches to her friends' children, using her daughter's handwriting and drawing. Shamelessly stolen!


Heather said...

These are so wonderful. That is a whole lot of homemade goodness :)

Anna said...

that turned out soooo super cute, what an awesome idea. I can't wait until my oldest daughter starts writing!!

marta said...

oh i love this idea. what a darling unique gift.

Julie said...

Jasper's pencil bag turned out great! Just love the elephant fabric peeking out from the inside:)

Julie said...

Edited to add: I would love to say I had this brilliant idea but I shamelessly stole it from my friend Luisa!