Thursday, January 7, 2010

New inspiration on my bookshelf

For years, Andi and I have blocked out Thursdays on our calendars as "date night." It usually just means going downtown for dinner and maybe a bit of browsing, but it means we have time for just us. Now that Lucy's here, our date nights have become "family date nights." Tonight, we did our old favorites: dinner out, and a browse in a favorite bookstore to check out what's new.

Usually, we just look, add books to our wish lists, and dream. But tonight, while I was drooling over the new craft books and started showing Andi the ones I coveted, she said "buy it" at the first one. Yay! I got this one:

Shop Indie Bookstores

And did I mention that she picked out some crafty books for me for Christmas, too? She got me:

Shop Indie Bookstores


Shop Indie Bookstores

Good choices!

What'll I make first?

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Michelle said...

Hi...thanks for visiting my blog. I just saw Sewing Green today at the looks like a good one!

And I just have to say...Lucy is adorable!!