Monday, October 12, 2009

Time to build an addition on the house... house all the books! Yesterday was my all-time favorite book sale at a nearby library. I've become a "friend of the library" so that I can get in to this one on the first night, because their children's section is amazing. When I got there, I was the only one in that room, despite the hoards elsewhere going around with their dealer's scanners. (How fair is that?) It took me more than an hour to go through all the picture-book boxes. Then I checked out the other areas, finding lots of great stuff in the science and nature section.

Some of my finds:

Many "Golden Guide" identification books: insects, trees, birds, rocks and minerals, insect pests, mammals, flowers, seashore, pond life. We had these when I was a girl, so partly it's sentimental, but I really love them. They're manageable--just enough info, just the right size to fit in your pocket or field bag.

Many books I'd added to my wish list after reading about them on Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves (one of my favorite blogs). Some include:
Fierce the Lion
Tim Tadpole and the Great Bulfrog
Fly High Fly Low
The Sky was Blue
and who knows how many others?

This is one of the best sales I know for finding vintage children's books (lots of library discards). I found so many new-to-me books by favorite authors and illustrators such as Don Freeman, Roger Duvoisin, Leonard Weisgard, Munro Leaf, Brian Wildsmith, Charlotte Zolotow, and on and on. Off to catalog them all on my librarything.


Scribbler said...

what a score! congrats!!!!!

Mountain Sketch said...

Yeay for books. We have that problem too. . . I always dream of a strawbale library that doubles as a cool place to sit in the summer when it is way too hot.

Lise said...

Ooh...great idea! With giant wide windowsills to sit in...

Trish said...

Hey Lise, awhile back, you won the giveaway on my blog. Email me your mailing address...twopeasinapoddesigns at gmail dot com

Heather said...

I love our library sale as well, ours was last week and we always come away with loads of good finds. Such a fun way to get books.

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