Friday, October 16, 2009

Sew-a-long spurs housecleaning

The other day, I was reading blogs and clicking links--you know how it is--and I ended up here: a lazy-days-skirt sew-along! Perfect! I mentioned a few posts back that Lucy had a new sweater that needed a skirt, and I'd actually started that skirt following the Lazy Days Skirt free pattern. I thought I'd join up, and it would give me the incentive to finish.


The skirt calls for a ribbon hem. I didn't have a ribbon that coordinated with both the sweater and the skirt, so I'd gone out last Thursday with both in a bag to a local shop and spent ages with the woman working there, trying out each possibility from their extensive ribbon supply. I couldn't find just exactly the right thing, but I was only about 15 minutes from finishing the skirt, so I wanted to just get something and call it done. I picked something, added it to the bag, and then...lost the bag for more than a week. Does this tell you a little something about the state of my house right now? Yeah. Let's not talk about that.

I had thought the sew-a-long would make me find it and finish it--now I had a deadline, after all. But I just couldn't find it. Finally, finally, at the last second, I found the bag buried on the floor of the coat closet. (I know. It's really too embarrassing.) So I finished it tonight after all the kids went home, photographed it in a too-dark house, but hey, it's done just in the nick of time!

I think she likes it.

(Sweater and shoes both from a recent consignment sale.)


Annie said...

Omg. Super cute!

I've made this skirt too. I'm sure I'll make a million of them over the years, it was so fun and easy.

nettlejuice said...

Very very cute!

Andi said...

And here you thought the skirt would be too short!

Beautiful baby, btw.

Anonymous said...

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