Monday, February 1, 2010


Here's an update on a few projects...

My sprouts are off to a slow, but definite, start.

Is it my cold house? It seems to be taking ages! We want some green stuff!

I'm crocheting!

(Yes, I know it's wonky and, even though my friend says it's not possible, I've been dropping stitches as I go. But I think I have that under control now. Right after I took this picture, I ripped it all out for another try.)

Boy, was that crochet class nerve-wracking! I turned out to be the only beginner in there! I sat down all nervous and insecure, only to see women pulling half-finished lacy-looking shawls and adorable baby hats out of their bags. Yikes! But I plan to show my face again on Wednesday. And yes, the yarn seems to have changed colors. When I couldn't figure out where to poke the crochet hook in (don't you love my adept use of technical crochet language?), the teacher said "well, it's black. You didn't do yourself any favors." So now I'm working in red. If, by some miracle, a scarf appears by February 14, it will be the right color for Craft Hope's latest project.)

And I've made a good start on the Food Waste Reduction Challenge. I surveyed the fridge (too much cheese, limp carrots, fuzzy mold on some carrots and beets), the bedroom closet (apples going soft, too many that needed to go straight to the compost), and the basement (squash that need to be eaten right now, ditto the onions). Boy, we're disgusting, aren't we? After chucking out the worst offenders, I tackled some of the must-eat-now things, and today we ate:

apple-oat bake (super-soft apples)--one of our standard breakfasts
2-bean salad (canned) with grated beets (about to go)--got rave reviews from the kids
squash soup (nearly-gone squash, coconut milk, curry paste)--more happy kid reviews
mojadra (onion-lentil-rice thing from here), using nearly-gone onions

We've planned tomorrow's dinner around the leftovers: we'll have squash stuffed with mojadra. The kids are getting lots of leftovers, too (they're used to that). I'm going to work more on getting them to take more realistic portions so we don't end up feeding so much of their food to the chickens.

How about you? (I'm so glad to see a few readers joining in on this challenge!)


Meryl said...

I think you're scarf looks awesome--especially for a first try!

Whenever I've crocheted in the past, I always count my stitches very carefully for the first 5-10 rows. After that you can watch a movie or whatever, but it seems like if I don't pay complete attention for the first rows everything goes to hell quickly!

As to the sprouts, if you get enough sunlight there, you can put them on top of your fridge. Supposedly the warmth from the fridge running is enough to encourage them.

Lise said...

Thanks for the tips. I'm moving my sprouts to the fridge today. And I think I've got the counting thing under control now. I wasn't seeing the last spot to make a stitch, so was losing one on each row. Now, when I count every now and again to check myself, I've always got 20. Yay!