Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Nields in valentine and doll form

It continues to be all Nields all the time in our house.

This week, I've got a self-serve valentines-making buffet set up in the studio.  Like all the kids, Lucy is making lots of valentines for her friends and family.  But hers have a special twist: they all feature The Nields.

A few days ago, we read the liner notes inside Rock All Day; Rock All Night, and we learned a wonderful story about Katryna and Nerissa having the chicken pox as children (combining Lucy's favorite topics: childhood stories, The Nields, and sickness).  So Lucy's recruited the other children to take parts in the drama of a miserable, moaning Nerissa, unable to hold her new baby sister, while Katryna (Lucy) holds her tenderly.  She adores this game, and we play it again and again.

And of course, it's spawned many drawings of spotted people, including this valentine card:

(Katryna's on the left, separated by a piece of plywood from Nerissa, who's in bed--all details from the CDs notes.)

Also today, there was a Nields concert on the coffee table:

(My favorite part?  Those two old grey-haired matching-clothes ladies represent Andi and I.  "They're old, so you know it's you.")