Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bitty Booties, take two

As soon as I finished the first pair of Bitty Booties, I knew I wanted to make another pair. This time, I used bits of a turquoise wool sweater whose sleeves I'd used to make a pair of wool "longies." So now she'll have shoes to match her pants. I wasn't happy with how wonky my first pair's edges were, so this time, I decided to use top stitching and pinking shears rather than sewing and turning. I'm much happier with how they came out, although clearly, I need a new pair of pinking shears! I will definitely be making more of these, and can't wait for the next baby shower so I can give some as a gift!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here's the dress that goes with the shoes...

This is the dress I made using the free "Itty Bitty Baby Dress" pattern from "Made by Rae." She'll outgrow it before it's warm enough for naked legs, so under it are some wool longies made from a felted sweater. The dress is made from a vintage sheet, and the lining is from a thrifted men's shirt. Because I'm a dork like that, I made myself a skirt to match, following the A-line skirt pattern in Sew What! Skirts.

Finally succumbed

Well, it seems I've become a blog-reading addict. It started with green bloggers, then recipes, then crafty mamas...now I'm hooked. Suddenly, I can't make something without taking a picture of it for my imaginary blog. I guess it's time to make it real. So here it is, my first crafty post.

I've been on a sewing binge ever since I set up a sewing closet in my bedroom a few months ago--just in time for the birth of our daughter. Here are the first pair of shoes I've made for her--not perfect, but I'm happy with them as a first attempt. I used the free pattern for "Bitty Booties" from Heather Bailey. They're made from a felted wool sweater. I used yellow rick-rack and yellow and green buttons to coordinate with a dress and bloomers I made recently. Warm, but with springy colors--good for spring in New England.