Thursday, January 28, 2010


I just had to share this milestone with you. A few weeks ago, Lucy began walking. If we asked her to come to us while she held onto a table, she'd let go and walk a few steps, landing in our arms with a huge grin and a hug. Just this week, she's started walking unsupported more and more often, without us suggesting it first. A few days ago, after a day when she took maybe 5-9 steps many many times, I decided to try to capture some of it on video. When the kids went home, I set up the iMovie on the computer to catch her at play. In the midst of filming, Andi came home from work. I stood Lucy up to go to her, and she walked 19 steps! The most ever. I was so happy to have caught it on video (the grandmas always want to see video!) She's so thrilled with herself. We thought you might like to see.


Julie said...

Oh, those priceless moments...enjoy every minute:)

Luisa said...

ohhhh so cute. I love that walk!

Karen said...

Makes me miss those toddling days!
It really goes go by so fast, enjoy it while you can -

Andi said...

What a big girl!

urban craft said...

Yay Lucy! Look at her go! And crawling through the mud looked like so much fun.