Monday, February 14, 2011

Galloping and spinning horses for an almost-2-year-old

Tomorrow is Lucy's birthday, but we've already begun celebrating, because she has so many people who want to celebrate with her, and it's so hard to have a relaxed birthday celebration if you have to cram it all in after work midweek. We didn't want to do a big party, but chose instead to have individual time with each of her special people. So Sunday, we spent the day with her Granny, saw a couple of friends for brief drop-by visits, and later had a visit and dinner with her aunt, uncle, and cousins.

I spent Saturday on her cake--my first major decorative baking attempt. First came the cookies--many, many horse cookies. (This was our first try at piping cookie frosting.) We made lots so we could have two special treats: the cake on the weekend and on her actual birthday, the extra cookies.

Then, Saturday night after Lucy went to bed, we prepped the dining room: setting out her crown and garland, her cards and gifts, photos of her as she's grown, and her cake. I've been so inspired by all the Waldorf-y birthdays I see on various blogs with a special table set for the birthday child. It seems like such a low-key, relaxed, special way to honor the occasion. We're loving it as our new birthday tradition. Here's her chair, waiting for her with her crown and the stick horse I've been working on, complete and ready to ride.

(I pretty much followed the directions in Creative Play for Your Toddler, with just a few tweaks. A great book, by the way! I'm thrilled with this horse.)

You can see that Lucy loved it, too.

(I'd love to share--but for modesty's sake, won't--the most joyful pictures of the day: Lucy and her horse galloping wildly around the island, pre-bath, totally nude.)

And here's the finished cake, of which I'm ridiculously proud:

Lucy loves carousels; they were a highlight of her year. So my mom suggested a carousel cake. The brainstorming began around Christmas time: how to make the roof? the horses? the poles? where would the candles go? what kind of cake? (I settled on a yellow cake with lemon frosting and blueberry-jam filling; mmm!) Our friend Tim came up with the brilliant plan of a lazy susan, so the carousel actually turned:

It was a lovely day; quiet and special and Lucy-paced. Perfect.

Tomorrow, she's two. Two!


Luisa said...

She looks thrilled with the horse. How awesome. Love the carousel cake hmmm... an idea for M.'s birthday in April. Your so creative what fun Lucy must have had.
Happy Birthday Lucy :)

Deb said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy! These charming photos remind me that I have a little girl turning two myself in three weeks and I'd better get some party planning going on. Thanks for the inspiration.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Julie said...

I love the way you are so in sync with Lucy's interests. To know and love your child in the way you do is truly special. What a lucky little girl to have a mama like you!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing cake! A fabulous idea to celebrate a special little person : )

JoAnn said...

The cake is awesome! What a wonderful birthday!

Heather said...

Oh my, what precious gifts. Those are treasures she will want to keep forever. Love those handmade gifts!