Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yarn Along 9

This is my wishful-thinking morning photo: wishing for a snow day today to read and crochet and drink coffee on the couch. (What do you think are the odds that all the families will stay sensibly at home in the snow today?)

I haven't done much crochet this week, but I did begin a simple cowl for myself (I've made so many crocheted things for other people, but nothing yet for me). (It'll be like this one.) On Saturday, we were in an all-day foster-parenting class, and I'd packed lots of yarn, thinking it the perfect opportunity to do some mindless crochet like this cowl. But it must have been more interesting than I'd expected, because this is as far as I got. (I did finish my sweater from last week; you can see it here.)

I'm reading Home to Woefield, which I'd describe as a fluff read--but a good one. Funny characters, sustainability theme, and the kind of plot that makes you want to keep reading into the night, but completely implausible. Fine--it's just what I need right now, with a sleep-deprived brain and seriously limited time.

Check out what others are reading and making at Ginny's Yarn Along.


Luisa said...

The cowls look great. Now that Christms if over it's time make things for ourselves. I'm determined to make a hat. I put the book on my list. Tell me your families didn't come today. It's one of those days where the snowy is meant to slow us down and stay in.

Jarka said...

wow! that looks really nice! maybe I could make one too.... I've become big fan of crocheting recently so... :) thanks for the idea :)

amanda {the habit of being} said...

I keep seeing all this crochet and I'm getting the itch to pick up a hook!

MJ said...

That sweater is divine!! I love to crochet and you inspire me to keep it up!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh I was hoping to sit and knit while sipping tea on this snowy day as well. Ended up in the kitchen instead.

Your cowl looks wonderful. The sweater is amazing. I just love the little bird. Seeing things like this makes me want to learn to crochet.

Blessings, Elizabeth

jenletts said...

My type of snowflakes - fiber ones!!!