Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gifts, revealed: copycat doily bowls and oat floats

Just before Christmas, I read a blog post which added some things to my already-too-long gift-making list. But it was worth it! Heather had made such lovely and simple gifts, I knew I had to copy them! Here are my versions.

Doily bowls made from vintage doilies stiffened with epsom salts.

(I have to admit I kept more of these than I gave as gifts.)

And "oat floats"--packets (sewn from an old pair of linen pants) full of oats and lavender (from our garden), like a big tea bag for your bath.

Thanks for the great gift ideas, Heather!


Annie said...

Very cool! The doily bowls are quite incredible!

Cami said...

Those bowls are AMAZING! If I had done those, no one would have gotten theirs. :) hehe