Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yarn Along 4

Yep, I've been "reading" the same book for 3 weeks now. No reflection on the book, which is a good read--I've just been the kind of busy and exhausted that allows for only a page or two at a time.

I'm trying again with the cowl with bigger yarn, and again, it's coming out too small. I mean, seriously, this is half the scarf--look how skinny it is! Nothing like the picture I'd seen. Argh!! At this rate, I may never make a satisfactory Christmas present. I probably should have bought the exact same yarn she mentioned until I know more about what I'm doing. It's too bad, because I really love the color of this yarn, and think the person I'm making it for would, too. I've actually quit working on this scarf and started the matching hat to see if that'll convince me to keep going with this idea.

I'd think I was a big fat crochet failure if it weren't for my capelet, which came out pretty darn cute. I just have to weave in the ends and sew on the buttons, and then I'll show you.

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appledapple said...

It is soo discouraging when a project keeps not coming out right. I had the same thing happen with a cowl a year ago, and I gave up. I do love the color of the yarn though, very pretty!

Amy Caroline said...

Don't give up!!! That yarn is so lovely, I love how it shines.

Tara said...

But it looks so pretty -- the colour, the pattern and the yarn looks soft. However, I do understand how discouraging it can be. Honestly, there's only so many times I will rip something out and start over. Can't wait ti see the hat.