Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Made by buttons

Here's the pink necklet I was working on last week.

Partway through, I realized I was doing something wrong--I'd had 9 bobbles, then 8, then in "correcting" it, I worked my way up to 13. In frustration, I stopped for a while, and moved on to a greenish-blue one.

That one was wrong, too. Correct number of bobbles, but see that scalloped edge? Not supposed to be there. (That's ok. I like how it looks.) When I returned to the pink one, I had apparently figured it out. From halfway through, it finally started to look just right.

I was disappointed. But then I went to the store and found some gorgeous buttons.

Thank goodness for great buttons. I think they made these necklets.


muffinmoon said...

They are beautiful and I love those colours. I need to move away from greys and greens.

Julie said...

The buttons look fab! Great choice:) You certainly have any eye for detail.

Luisa said...

That's great with the buttons but the colors are so pretty.

Meryl said...

Those *are* beautiful buttons! Everything looks so nice and cozy!

Maryam said...

Ooooh prettiness!