Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tiny blue cowl

I'm thankful for some time to crochet--enough time to actually complete a project! If all goes well, I should be posting several completed gifts in the coming weeks.

This one didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped. It's nice, but not as the gift I'd intended. It's due to my inexperience with yarn. The pattern called for bulky yarn, so I went out shopping, because I had none in my stash. But what on earth does "bulky" mean? There were yarns labeled "bulky" that looked just as thin as anything else I've used, and some that were as big around as my pinky! How could those possibly be the same thing? I clearly chose the wrong "bulky" in this case, as this cowl came out significantly smaller than I'd hoped. It's modeled here by my wife, but fits my toddler better. I think Andi will be keeping this one (it matches her eyes), and I'll try again with thicker yarn. I do hope the next one comes out cute; I think the pattern has great potential!


muffinmoon said...

Lise, the yarn thing is a problem I still encounter and I've been knitting a while now. Most people that know the code have either been knitting for decades or have very useful friends who have been knitting for decades!
I loved this photo and felt the caption of: "Take the photo, quick, quick, I can't breathe, seeing stars, take it, take it ..." Thump! Would have been appropriate! (Hope I'm not being too cheeky?! Andi looks great in it.)

Anonymous said...

I've just started to crochet so I'll be interested to see what other goodies you come up with. I'm painfully slow, and no skill, but the enthusiasm is there!

Luisa said...

I love the color it looks great on Andi.
As for the yarn problem my technique is I buy the yarn first look at and decide what it will be. Never mind what hook I'll use that's no problem it's the stitches that I can't decide on.
Can't wait to see more crochetting :)

Heather said...

I love having something around my neck, it is amazing the difference in makes in helping to stay warm. I might give this pattern a try after the holidays. Thanks for sharing it.