Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vintage Swap goodies sent off to Pennsylvania

My partner, Lorena, has received her (super-late) Vintage Swap package, so now I can show you what I sent.

The swap started with a questionnaire, which I found so helpful. When I read Lorena's answers, I got an immediate picture in my head of just what sorts of things I would get for her. I printed it out and kept it in my purse, and had so much fun going to all my favorite thrift shops over and over on the hunt. But it turned out to be much harder than I expected to find what I wanted! (I'm sure I'll find tons of stuff now that it's over...). Each time I entered a store, my mind would recite the litany of hoped-for things: "green, brown, orange, paper ephemera, tins, pyrex, fabric, crochet..." Slowly, a package started to come together. I was delayed by sickness and over-busyness, which gave me a bit longer to find things to include. So, in the end, I sent:

--A vintage sheet (because she said she liked vintage fabric, but found it hard to cut into. Sheets are easy, because they're so plentiful!) The funny thing is, I have the same sheet. I've made an Itty Bitty Baby Dress, some bloomers, a 4-year-old's dress, and a skirt and headband for myself from this sheet, and still have some left over!

--Some rick rack and trim from my stash, tucked into a little appliqued fabric pouch.

--A vintage postcard of the courthouse in our town.

--A brown and yellow scarf.

--Two volumes of Stitch by Stitch. These are from the late 80s, which just doesn't feel "vintage" to me, since I was in high school! But I've read about them on blogs described that way, with good reviews. If you can look past the horrible 80s fashion and styling, there's some really good info in there about crochet, knitting, sewing... I had a hard time passing them on!

And my favorites...

--A pyrex mixing bowl with those lovely handle/spouts I find so handy when baking:

And these fabulous vintage knitting booklets:

I was so nervous putting this package in the mail! I sent it the day I received my package, and I so hoped she be as pleased as I was. It sounds like she was, thank goodness!


saganaga said...

i love the vintage sheet !

Helsbells said...

I really like the pyrex bowl, so retro.