Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another pile of books added to the stack

There's a library near here that has an amazing book sale twice a year. I've become a "friend of the library" just so I can get into this sale on the first night--it's that good. I work my way around all the dealers with their hand-held computers looking for books of "value," and go to the back-in-the-corner room where all the books cost 50 cents and have far more value to me: the picture book room.

Oh, how I love picture books! But I showed restraint. I considered bookshelf space (there is no more). I "only" brought home these:

Oh, and look what I discovered inside You're the Scaredy Cat, by Mercer Mayer:

What a treasure!

This book sale has become a sort of standing date with some friends of mine. We go together, grab any book that looks tempting and stuff it into our bags, then find a corner where we sit and look more carefully, whittling down our piles to a more manageable size. We ooh and ahh over each others' discoveries and help each other with the difficult decision of which books to keep and which to let go. Then we go out to dinner (this time, we brought our books right into the restaurant for a closer look). To me, that's the perfect night out!


Luisa said...

You got it definitely a perfect night out! Great treasures.

Ruby said...

Oh, it is the perfect night out for a book-geek like me! Love it!

Marina said...

Oh, what fun! I love book sales, they make me *swoon*! You found an amazing collection and the book with the inscription is priceless!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I'm so excited to have found you and can't wait to read more about your adventures!

Julie said...

Nothing better than finding treasured books and sharing them with friends.