Wednesday, March 3, 2010

30 days of beauty: day 7

Please excuse my spotty posting lately. I went from being sick to taking care of my sick family. There were a few bright spots today, in the midst of it all:

There's evidence of spring on the edges of my yard (though most of it is a swamp of snow on top of slush on top of puddles on top of deep mud):

And I was able to get to my third crochet class tonight. It's just begun, but I love how this looks already:

(it's the Adirondack Babie Crocheted Soaker, found here on Ravelry.)


Julie said...

Look at those lovely flowers emerging from all that melting snow! That is a sure sign of spring in Massachusetts:)

Luisa said...

Thank goodness for a few bright spots and crochetting therapy! Hope the family is feeling much better.