Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Lullaby

(sung to me in the wee hours when the alarm rang too early, by Lucy, age 4 3/4, and then recreated later in the day by her so I could write it down)

Once upon a time ago
in a lonely cabin deep in the big woods of Wisconsin,
there was a little girl born, named Mary
with her mother, Caroline,
and her daddy, Charles.
Then another girl was born in the lonely cabin in Wisconsin forest.
And her name was Laura.
And they moved to the prairie, the prairie.
And then another girl was born and they named her Carrie.
Two years were skipped,
so we don't really know when Grace was born,
but we do know that Grace was born.
And they turned around
and they went back to the big woods of Wisconsin
(I'm going to change it a little so Grace sees the big woods)
and Grace, their newborn baby, saw the big woods of Wisconsin
where Black Susan lived
and Jack, their brindle bulldog.


kate said...

welcome back!

Lise said...

Thank you!

Lisa HD said...

Just a general comment about this blog (I know you're gonna say that you feel bad that you haven't written in a while - don't! You're doing plenty and it's OK to only write when you are so moved!)... Lucy is such a lucky girl. I was tooling around the internet today for some good words about my provocations article for my program's newsletter, and I was reminded of this blog and I love it!

Lise said...

Thanks so much, Lisa. I needed your kind words this morning.

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