Friday, January 11, 2013

A peek at right now

I've missed sharing here. We've had huge family things going on that changed my mood about blogging, and once you're away, it's hard to come back.  Even now, I'm not sure I can commit to being back regularly, but I can say, today I'm here.  The easiest way, for me, I think, is to just jump in with now, rather than trying to catch up.

Right now, we're having a sick day. It's just what we needed--some slow time and no pressure to do anything but rest. 
Right now, I'm crocheting some African Flower Hexagons.  (And looking at that photo as I posted it, I realize I made a glaring mistake in that top one!  How funny.  I've looked at it again and again in person, but never noticed.  Will have to fix that.)  I've been up way too late at night, addicted to working on these (while watching Downton Abby on Hulu.)
Right now, Lucy (age 3.10) is appliqueing a mushroom of her own design.  It's to become a pillow for our couch.  She is constantly planning projects these days, inspired by everything around her.  This one was inspired by a candy-cane appliqued sachet I helped her make as a Christmas gift, and by some modeling wax I'd been playing with, ultimately ending up with a little mushroom. 


Kate said...

Hi Lise,
Welcome back, good to hear from you. I missed your posts - but understand that blogging isn't always the go (says me who has never even got around to starting her own day, maybe 2013....).
best wishes
kate in australia

Lise said...

Thanks, Kate! Feels good to know I was missed!