Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Keep a poem in your pocket

I'm in the midst of a project.

I always supposed I'd have a stash of poetry in my head to share with my baby. I've collected tons of poetry books over the years, with a wealth of perfect choices. But when I want a little rhyme to share as, for example, I change her diaper, only a very few come to mind, over and over. I needed a reminder.

When I was in the sixth grade, my teacher posted short poems all around the room, wherever you'd pause: by the pencil sharpener, the sink, the water fountain. I still remember "As I was going down the stair/I met a man who wasn't there./He wasn't there again today./I wish that man would go away." which I memorized that year, just from seeing it so often.

I decided to adapt her idea to home. I'm copying out some of my most favorite little rhymes to display by her changing table, so we will memorize them by frequent exposure. I'm going for ease of use here, so I'm just using index cards, propped up so that I can quickly switch to a new one as needed.

"Keep a poem in your pocket." Or maybe on your changing table. "The little poem will sing to you."


Annie said...

A lovely project indeed!

I have fond memories of finding little notes from my mother in my books or lunch bag growing up.

Lise said...

Oh, my gosh...me, too. She used to write us funny messages "from" the animal on the postcard she'd tuck in there.

P. J. Grath said...

This is a beautiful idea, Lise, and it would be great to see it spread to other parents.

nettlejuice said...


5orangepotatoes said...

Lise, I love this idea!!!! What a neat teacher you had to do this as well.

lucy's room is beautiful, I love the blue. We tried to find the perfect blue for Araina's room and struggled a bit.

Thanks for the inspiration. I will ask the girls to right some little poems to leave around the house. How cute it would be to mail some off to friends and family too! Thanks!!!


Mountain Sketch said...

How fun and sweet. My kids have been pulling out mother goose lately and reading the wonderful old rhymes. I even took pictures to post because it made me so happy. I think I'll add some poems around my house too!


Unknown said...

Absolutely brilliant idea.

Heather said...

What a wonderful idea. For some reason the illustration in the last photo looks very familiar to me, perhaps it was in one of my childhood books. :-)

Lise said...

Heather, the illustration is from a cloth baby book from the 50s. I can't remember the name of it, and the cover's in the frame! All three of those pictures come from the book. I got one for a dime at a tag sale, but had to buy another on eBaby because I couldn't choose between two I really wanted to frame on the front and back of one page. Aren't they sweet?

Lisa, I'd love to see some of the poems your girls write!

P.J., Nettlejuice, Mountain Sketch, and Old School Acres, thanks for your comments! You all made my day!