Wednesday, September 9, 2009


While we were away, we missed my sister's birthday. bought me some time to make a gift, which I'd somehow failed to do earlier. Not much time, though. Think, think...what's quick, but still special? What would she like? She's in massive de-cluttering mode, so most things I think of to give her just seem like more "stuff" she won't want. I perused some of my craft books, and I found a great idea in here:

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(Quilts by Denyse Schmidt). Quilted note cards. Perfect! She's great at writing letters and often uses note cards. And I've been wanting to experiment more with quilting, and I love how this technique uses the smallest scraps.

My sister wears a lot of turquoise, so I began with what I had along turquoise/greenish lines. (Including a lovely new bit I got in the mail...more on that later...)

As my little scrap pile by the sewing machine dwindled, I happened to glance down into the trash basket and spotted some scraps discarded as being "too small" after making the birdie scarf the other day. Not too small for this! Back out they came...(don't worry, it's just sewing stuff in there; not too nasty). That led me to my bag of orange scraps for some coordinating fabrics, and soon I ended up with these:

(I hold them vertically, but I can't get the pictures to post that way. Something else to figure out...)

I love them! I can see myself making lots more of these. I was particularly intrigued to notice how the fabric changed as I quilted it. In several cases, I didn't think I liked how the card had come out until I did the quilting stitches. So interesting.


Unknown said...

Of course you would come up with the perfect last minute gift, you rock:)

Luisa said...

the colors are fun. how do come with this last minute stuff? So neat!

Lise said...
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Lise said...

Necessity! Because I'm a slacker who waits until the last second! I am pleased, though, that I've been making gifts more regularly lately, and hope I can think of some stuff ahead of time, so I can do some non-last-minute crafting for Christmas. :-)

Mountain Sketch said...

Oh, they are so cool! Good for you!!!

Lise said...

Thank you!