Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vintage book surprise

Look what arrived in the mail this weekend!

25 books from Burgin Streetman, author of the fabulous blog Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves. She's clearing out her shelves, and I won her resulting giveaway!

Burgin's blog is dangerous for me. She makes me want to run out to a library book sale right now, and adds new must-have books to my wish list on an almost-daily basis. When I first came across her blog, I went right back and read all the archives, and knew I'd love her new-t0-me recommendations because I loved what she had to say about the books I did know. When I'm at a library sale or thrift store, I love it when I come across a book she's reviewed, and grab it up like it's an old friend. I've discovered many wonderful authors and illustrators this way (and greatly endangered my already-groaning bookshelves).

So what a thrill to open that box and see what was inside!

So far, this is my favorite new discovery:

Doesn't look like much from the outside. But check it out inside:

So much to see! So much to talk about.

And the kind of slow, detailed storytelling that makes me think of a grandmother sitting beside you, telling you all about what life was like when she was a girl. They describe just the sorts of things a young child would be interested in, so that you can almost feel you are there: "But a farm in the country is not quite as deserted and quiet as it seems. Listen carefully. Cows moo. Dogs bark. The sheep complain. Cocks crow. Geese gabble. The cats meow. The tethered goat is bleating. A combine whirrs and rattles. A door slams. A shutter creaks. The wind gossips with the leaves."

She included lots of science and nature books. I love the illustrations in this one, and the interesting way that the animals are presented, with predator and prey together on a page ("polar bears and seals," for example):

(One of the reasons I love vintage science books is the way many of them rely on very detailed realistic drawings and paintings rather than on photos. Gorgeous and inspiring in a way not usually found in newer books.)

This one made me want to get out a magnifying lens and start studying stuff I'd never thought to before. I look forward to sharing it with Lucy some day:

There were some for sharing with others, too. This one was perfect for my horse-loving niece:

(I remember loving the cat book in this series way back when.)

And I had this one, but I have another niece who's fascinated by bodies, so it's for her:

That just barely scratches the surface of this big pile of books!

Thank you so much, Burgin!


jengod said...

Lucky duck. And I just bought Town & Country thanks very much. :) We love their Maple Hill Farm books (and their Book of Seasons) and T&C looks similarly inspiring! Thank you!

Elizabeth said...

Lucky you! I, too, have a big addiction to that blog -- it's one of my favorites, and I have a lot of them.

Vague Nomenclature said...

Jealous : )

Thanks for showing us what was in the box!

Victoria Stitch said...

i love that blog, and you're so lucky!