Friday, February 10, 2012

How we know she's related to me

She may not be my daughter by birth, but our feet tell the true story.

Yes, there's still snow on the ground in places.
It was about 40 degrees.
Those are her nice warm wool socks in the pot.
This scene was preceded by her saying "don't look, Mama" and ended soon after when she decided that, alas, it's still too cold for bare feet.


muffinmoon said...

Maybe I am relatd too as I love being barefoot! These snowy days have reigned me in somewhat but I still potter around barefoot as much as I can get away with.
Lovely, cheeky photo.

Marfa said...

Barefoot everyday in the summer, but not now, I keep socks and slippers on almost all the time! And boots, if outside....
Hey, is that a tree or a cup holder?

Lise said...

Thanks, Jules (one of the barefoot clan).

Now, Marfa, I have to admit that my wool socks are on! But my feet don't like it.

That's our "pot tree"--an old Christmas tree with all its branches cut short to hold our "mud kitchen" supplies.