Saturday, October 23, 2010

In the studio: getting to know clay

This year's group of children is particularly interested in clay.
Yesterday, we explored the clay more even more fully than we have so far.

How well do you know clay?


Julie said...

"Can I play too?" What wonderful experiences you share with children! You are an amazing Mom and Teacher:)

marcia @Child in Harmony said...

sooo awesome :)

happy day!

Luisa said...

Oh my God!! I'm panicking right now with all that clay. I wish I could let it go that far to explore and experience. That must have been awesome to watch. Those kids are lucky to have an amazing teacher.

Stephanie said...

Well - we've done it with paint, but not clay! :)
Never thought to, actually.

Love the freedom and intimacy.

watching kereru said...

Lucky children. Our family got to know clay well when we helped out building a cob oven locally. Fantastic way of learning about it and it remains outside (mostly).

urban craft said...

I want to know clay!
Think I'll get to know it in the garage though.

Earth Mama said...

Way to go hands on (and feet on:) leanring opportunity! It looks like those littles had a blast getting to know the clay.


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