Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gone to Nanny's

Please excuse our absence; we went to visit Lucy's Nanny (my mom). It was Lucy's first time at Nanny's house, and she had a fabulous time. Nanny had all her favorite foods on hand, and lots of interesting things to discover, and so many fun things to do.

(We were there for a long weekend, but the camera battery only lasted one day/one dress.)
Thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post! I haven't heard those words again yet, but my heart's still glowing.
And a question for you... Any ideas about how to fix my header? I'm sure you've noticed its sad state. I'd learned how to make a header from A Foothill Home Companion's great tutorial. But now, Flickr's gone and changed, and I can no longer figure out how to use a header I make there. (They won't let me steal the url, it seems.) So I'm back to the blogger template (ugh). Help?

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Julie said...

What sweet memories for Lucy and Nanny!