Friday, July 30, 2010

A knitting book even a non-knitter could love

Is it ridiculous to be super-excited about a knitting book, when I can't knit? I don't think so, not when it's this gorgeous! I want just about every sweater in there! Now, admittedly, the author is a friend. But I would love this book even if I didn't know her. It helps that I've seen Lucy in many of her amazing creations:

a gorgeous reddish pink 3/4 sleeve sweater Lucy wore nearly every day for her first year, when she wasn't wearing...

this beautiful green and blue sweater. And more recently, this lovely combo:

Unfortunately, it was way too hot last night to dress Lucy in a Melissa special when we went to her book signing at Webs. Melissa and Cecily had all their sweaters on display, and they are absolutely gorgeous. (I got to try one on, and wanted to walk away with it! Gorgeous green, 3/4 sleeves, leaf detailing at the waist...ooh, ah...). Lucy got her very own copy of the book, signed by her favorite author, of course.

You need a copy, too. Seriously. This is not an ad--I promise! Just a rave review from someone who's super impressed by the work of her friend. If you can trust a review from a non-knitter, you should run right out and get your hands on this book!

Now, I just have to learn to knit so I can get to work on these sweaters!


marcia @Child in Harmony said...

It looks very cool. That is my focus for daughter and I are going to learn to knit and take it seriously....then on to spinning so I can take advantage of the wonderful angora fiber from our rabbits :)

happy day!

Bibliophile By the Sea said...

These are awesome photos; loved them. Nice meeting you last night :)

marcia @Child in Harmony said...

I awarded you a Verstaile Blogger award. It is your choice whether to play or not, but I still wanted to include you in the blogs that most inspire me and that I want to share with others.

happy day!

melissa said...

aww. i love you guys

Luisa said...

Ijust put this book on my wish list. I'm going to hold off till September for my birthday but it's hard to wait :)